Garage Door Repair Service Splattered on Taxi Cabs?


Garage door repair service splattered on taxi cabs?

taxi cabsBy now we are used to seeing taxi cabs that have ads splattered all over them. Indeed, running taxis in a city have become profitable affairs. Not only can you run lucrative taxi cab systems based on promptness of service and other conveniences offered to passengers but also by gaining sponsorship through ads. Companies are lined up to use the exposure potential of taxi cabs for their advantage. In Phoenix Arizona, taxi cabs are viewed in this respect as nothing short of hoardings on the move. With the same ad campaigns splashed on cabs running throughout a city, the chances of imprinting messages in the minds of potential customers is much more.

Advertising power of taxi cabs

If you are a garage door repair service, you could cash in on the advertising power of taxi cab systems. Think about how this can be worked out. If you have started garage door repair services recently, you would need marketing of all kinds to create awareness. For such reasons, you could approach a taxi company to advertise your services. Advertisers find taxi campaigns attractive as ad messages are circulated on a constant basis on streets of cities where they have business operations. Thus, the likelihood that such information would be remembered and reached out for by potential customers is high.

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Where taxi ads are put up

Taxi ads have also evolved over the years. Initially taxi ads were restricted to signages that were mounted on the roof or mounted on the trunks of the cars. Many countries had regulations that limited ads from being hosted on any other part of a cab. Today there is more leniency in advertising one’s services on cabs. Cabs can be designed or painted as per the ad campaign one has in mind. The door of the cab could be the effective place to place an ad for garage door repairs. It would surely catch one’s attention when one is getting into a cab and the likelihood of associating such information to a latent need is almost instantaneous.

Innovative ads on taxis

What is more, the dashboards inside a cab, the entertainment system geared inside a cab as well as inner linings of doors or the seat covers act as platforms of ads to be printed and placed in front of a captive audience. With the aid of digital ad prints, it is possible to convert staid seat covers or any car accessory into an exciting piece of accessory that carries an ad message as well. Night time ads are possible with the help of back lit displays. Thus, all you need to do is understand the kind of advertising budget such campaigns would involve and how much you can spend on the same. If you use all the possibilities of taxi cab advertising, our garage door repair service will invariably get several calls after the signs have been around town on several cabs. Once the service picks up, you could reduce your ad spending and focus on other kinds of marketing spends as per the life cycle stage of your business.

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