Pros and Cons to Taxi Cab Advertising on Limousines

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That,  my friend is a fantastic idea that local advertising agencies here in Salt Lake have been wanting to test for years.  There seems to be both pros and cons to marketing on luxurious limousines. Let’s first talk about taxi cabs, nine times out of ten when a person calls for a taxi cab they’re expecting a clean and well-maintained cab that will provide private transportation and get them to their desired destination safely – and that’s about it!

It’s perfectly ok and even most times expected that the taxi driver is wearing shorts, a t-shirt and a baseball cap and that his car may or may not smell like smoke from a cigarette.  And you can expect the yellow taxi cab to be plastered in all kinds of local advertising, which has been proven to effectively increase revenue for those companies advertising.

The price is usually based on the size of the car and the miles that it takes to get the passenger from point A to point B and of course the city you are in makes a difference. For example, catching a car from the Salt Lake International Airport to the Hyatt downtown might only cost $25.00-$30.00 by the time you tip the driver. However, if you’re catching a cab in downtown NYC and only going half the distance, the cost might average closer to $35.00-$45.00.

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Now let’s talk limousine service. If a limousine pulls up to a multi-million dollar house in Park City to pick up the owner of NuSkin and his wife, you better believe that driver would be fired if he were wearing shorts, a t-shirt and a baseball cap, and his limo reeked of cigarette smoke. Let alone having local advertising plastered from all over the so called “luxurious limousine.” Clearly, this example is bit of an extreme, but I’m trying to make a point here. Obviously not everyone that uses a limousine is the owner of NuSkin or a multi-billionaire, several booking are simply for people who are wanting to have a good time: a ride to the concert, a bachelorette or bachelor party, prom and so forth.

So my suggestion is that the limousine companies in Salt Lake City that are trying to brand themselves as the cheapest ride, the best bang for your buck etc…. I think limos could get away with having a few local advertisings on their vehicles. However, if a Salt Lake City Limo Service is trying to brand as the most elegant and luxurious limo service in all of Salt Lake County, they would probably want to stay away from plastering advertisings to their vehicles.

In conclusion, the idea is great for cheaper limousine companies but definitely something that luxurious executive style companies would probably stay away from. After all, who wants to be dropped off at their wedding in front of all of their guests with an advertisement for Utah Divorce Lawyers.

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